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TMJ (TMD) Therapy

TMJ (TMD) Therapy in Richmond Hill | Jaw Joint Pain and Neck Pain

TMJ (TMD) is a painful disorder that can affect your neck and facial area. Some common symptoms include:

• Neck and shoulder tightness or discomforttmj neckpain jawpain dentist richmondhill

• Ringing in your ears

• Hearing difficulties

• Teeth grinding or clenching

• Feeling tired after sleeping more than 8 hours

• Popping sounds in your jaw(s)

• Severe headaches

If you think you might be suffering from TMJ, contact your dentist right away. It's essential to get a proper prognosis to ensure you get the right treatment. Sleep is very important and a person who doesn’t get the rest they need can start to feel their health deteriorate in a matter of a few short months.

The dental professionals at Artdent Family Dentistry are experienced at treating TMJ. Contact our office to schedule an appointment.

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