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Teeth Extractions

Teeth Extractions | Wisdom Teeth Removal - Dentist Richmond Hill

If a tooth is causing you severe pain and cannot be repaired or saved, it might need to be pulled out, or extracted.

Sometimes, dental complications may arise, which may require a tooth extraction:

• To make room for dentures

• To get rid of teeth on the fracture line

• To remove damaged teeth, due to an advanced infection

• Wisdom teeth that have become 'impacted'

Impacted wisdom teeth can become problematic when they negatively influence surrounding teeth, causing discomfort, pain and injury. An impacted wisdom tooth refers to your upper or lower third molar, which erupts improperly, in terms of pushing its way into the mouth, by shifting neighbouring teeth out of their positioning, gradually causing teeth to crowd and some degree of pain.

Artdent Family Dentistry only recommends having a tooth pulled in the most necessary cases - such as for an impacted wisdom tooth - and we’ll examine all your options before recommending, let alone performing one.

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