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Hygiene Services

Dental Hygiene Services & Dental Check-ups in Richmond Hill | Family Dentist

Practicing proper oral hygiene at home is essential to keeping your teeth beautiful and healthy. However, visiting your dentist every 6 months is important as well. You dentist will be able to check for any oral complications, whether apparent or not, and ensure your teeth are in tip-top shape.

Most of us believe that brushing and flossing completes our oral care regimen, and is enough to prevent teeth and gums from attaining cavities and gum disease. In reality, brushing and flossing cannot completely prevent your teeth from getting cavities. Further, your gums are also prone to becoming affected by a build up of plaque and bacteria - Gums can become infected without affecting you with noticeable symptoms.

To prevent severe oral health problems, it is advised by our team of dentists, located at Artdent Family Dentistry, in Richmond Hill, to visit your dentist regularly for a complete dental checkup, so we can help detect any oral diseases and provide timely treatment before they take a toll.

We provide in depth cleaning of teeth, removal of plaque and tartar from above and below the gums. Also we provide fluoride treatments, remedies for bad breath and give preventive measures against periodontal diseases.

Artdent Family Dentistry's hygiene services include:

• Oral / Dental examinations / Dental check-ups

• Comprehensive, professional teeth cleaning

• Fluoride treatments

• Non-surgical gum therapy

• Breath Freshening treatments

• ...And more...

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