It’s bad enough that we need to visit the dentist regularly, but to hear bad news every time you show up only makes the appointment harder to keep. But, if you think about it, we all control the outcomes of these checkups. It isn’t our dental professional’s job to keep our mouths healthy – it’s ours. We are the ones that cleans our teeth, we are the ones that have habits that cause dental issues; we have no one to blame but ourselves. So, if you want to get in your dental professional’s good graces and score yourself a fantastic report card, take a moment to follow these tips:

Kick the bad habits. The nicotine and tar in cigarettes are not only turning your teeth an unsightly shade of yellow, but smoking creates a ripe environment for bacteria and plaque on your teeth and along the gum lines, harming tissue and eventually increases your risk of tooth loss.

Keep your appointments. Regardless of the reason, keeping your trips to the dentist regular can catch problems such as decay, gum disease, trauma, or cancer at an early stage when they’re treatable — and solutions are more affordable.

Brush your teeth correctly. It takes only about two minutes to properly clean your teeth and gums. Angle the brush 45 degrees toward your gum line, and use gentle, circular strokes.

Fix the flossing habits. Flossing is fundamental to keeping teeth and gums clean — but only if you do it right. Use about two inches of floss between your fingers, unroll a fresh section of floss for each tooth, and keep the floss tight against your tooth to break up plaque while leaving your gums in good shape.

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