Welcome to the holiday season – the time of year we spend giving thanks for and breaking bread with the important people in your life. The problem is, we are generally so busy that our daily routines become a second thought. One routine we can’t let slip through the cracks is our dental one. Our mouths are susceptible to much more because of it is where we ingest almost everything into our bodies, both good and bad. So, here are a few tips to keep in mind as you celebrate this delicious holiday season:

Keep things short and sweet. Between the pre-meal snacks and the post-meal desserts, it’s impossible to not fall victim to grazing the entire day. The longer you allow the acids in foods to hang out in your mouth, the easier it is for cavity-causing bacteria to invade your teeth and set up camp. It’s all about moderation.

Stay hydrated. Keeping a glass of water handy will not only help with digestion but drinking plenty of water will also wash away any food debris still lingering around in your mouth. Saliva is your mouth’s natural defender against the bad bacteria in your mouth.

Keep your routine. We can’t forget to pay special attention to our teeth during this delicious holiday. They work overtime for you during times like these. Make sure you brush, floss and rinse the way you normally would. After the holidays, be sure to make an appointment for a quick dental check-up. This time of year is a fantastic time to give thanks for everything in your life – and your teeth are no exception.

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